Bruker Detection: RAID M 100

RAID-M Series hand-held Chemical Agent detectors are based on the well-established principle of Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS). They are designed to detect, search for and locate Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC) on personnel, equipment, vehicles and on the ground. Two versions of RAID-M are offered.

The RAID-M100 uses a low-level 63Ni source, whereas the RAID-MNR uses a non-radioactive high energy photoionisation (HEPI) source. Otherwise, both systems are externally identical, perform to the same detection limits and both use the same consumables for operation. RAID-M Series are able to detect, identify, quantify and continuously monitor concentration levels of the specified CWA and TIC.

The identity of detected substances is displayed by its standard code (GA, VX, etc.) or its appropriate abbreviation. For each class (G, H and T) a separate display section is provided, so that all the classes may be monitored independently. Hazard levels are indicated by an incremental bar display with eight segments that relate to concentration. RAID-M Series can be user-configured to give an audible and a visual alarm when a substance is detected, and includes the ability to silence the sounder.

By providing very low detection limits and short response times, the state of the art measuring cell and highly sophisticated detection algorithms, highly toxic substances can be detected at lowest levels. In the event of an overload, a Bruker Detection exclusive feature realises short recovery times by means of an automatic clean air purge mode; termed ‘backflush’.