Introducing the world’s biggest robot portfolio in the low payload class: KR CYBERTECH from KUKA

Imagine a range robot for low payloads that meets your specific requirements down to every detail. What would it look like?

Would you be able to maximize your productivity? Would all of your payload requirements be met? Would it have unparalleled precision? Would it have unmatched workspace flexibility? Would it be compact and streamlined enough for even the most restrictive environments? Would it be versatile enough for the flexibility demanded of modern manufacturing?

With payloads from 6 to 22 kg, a repeatability of 0.04 mm, reaches from 1420 to 2100 mm, unprecedented expansion of the rear workspace, the most streamlined inline wrist in its class, greatly reduced disruptive contours, and the flexibility to work in many applications from handling and arc welding, to machining, the KR CYBERTECH was designed with you in mind – to meet all requirements of low payload robots.