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If you are unsure of how the voiceover process works, feel free to read the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you’re still unsure, then simply get in touch, I’ll be happy answer any additional questions you may have.

-I have over 25 years of professional experience
-I’ve been the voice over talent for international campaigns
-I’ve work with over 850 satisfied customers
-I’m dependable under pressure
-I have a reputation built on honesty and integrity
-My references speak for themselves
Depending on the length of the script, I can usually record, edit and deliver the audio within 24 hours. If your project requires intensive post production or syncing, then it may vary.
I do not have a standard rate card. Each project is different, and I charge based on the length of the delivered audio and how the audio will be used. The final buyout price is dependent upon a multitude of factors that I will discuss with you on a project to project basis.
Currently I accept payments via Bank Transfer, Paypal Skrill and 2Checkout. For Paypal, Skrill and 2Checkout payments, a 5% handling fee is applied to cover transaction fees.
Absolutely. However, I am more than willing to sign an NDA if required. Generally, I do not mention projects that I have worked on until they have been broadcast, or released.
I have all of my projects backed up on a RAID 05 Network Storage device, and save them indefinitely. You’d be surprised how often clients come back years later and say, “Hey, we need to do a pick up of the take we did 8 years ago, do you have those takes still?!” Yes, I do.
I recommend all first time clients to listen in to the recording session to ensure that we’re both on the same page. My recording booth is hooked up with Skype video, so you will not only be able to hear me, but see me as I do my magic in front of the microphone. Of course, as my mother always said “Jeremiah, you’re good enough looking for radio”.
I very much welcome the opportunity to work with NGOs, charitable organizations / foundations and not-for-profit /educational and student productions. I am happy to provide my services pro bono. Just ask!
For a full list of my studio equipment, check out this link.
I was born and raised in Upstate New York, and now live and work in Germany.
Yes! I recommend that all clients, especially first time clients to listen in to the session. My recording booth is hooked up not only with Skype audio, but video as well. Additionally, I have Source Connect Pro, and Session Link.